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Step 13 - Potato Toy:

Duck Tape Potato Toy Step 13

Cut all the holes:
1: Feet: 2 holes, centered, 1 to 2 inches apart (for each foot).
2: about an inch-2 inches from the bottom, make a hole for the mouth.
3: an inch above that, make a hole for the mustache.
4: another inch about that, make a hole for the nose.
6:Make a hole for the eyes, they should be half an inch above the nose, and about 2 inches apart.
6: it should look like this.
7: Cut a hole an inch above each eye for the eyebrows.
8: Put a hole in the middle of the head for the hat.
9: Lined up with the eyes, make a hole in the side for the ears.
10: 1 to 2 inches below that, make holes for the arms.
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