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Step 4 - Customized wallet:

Duck Tape Customized wallet Step 4

This is something no other website will show you. We do so many steps creating the pouches for credit cards so that there are little to no seams on the inside where the stick tape can stick to credit cards, and ruin them.

Click here to see an enlarged version of this picture.
1: place it down on the wallet so that there is a quarter-inch gap from the top, taped at the bottom.
2: (red) Tape the inside like shown.
3: (purple) Add tape to both sides.
4: (yellow) Add a piece in the middle to cover up the seams.
5: Fold the purple tape back so they stick together.
6: Fold down so it sticks to the wallet.
7: (yellow) Tape the edges down to cover sticky seams.
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